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Supply Chain Talks about Quay Connect

This week the Fresh Produce Centre, ABC Logistics and Naviporta were joining the Port of Rotterdam Authority in a live broadcast of ‘Supply Chain Talks’. They talked about the ‘Quay Connect’ solution for which a pilot was recently carried out. In addition, we have proudly announced the go-live date, pilot results and launching customer of our Quay Connect solution.

With quay connect we have connected the right services to the right governmental systems, effectively ensuring that exporting companies such as ABC Logistics are empowered to save time and money.” explains Raoul Tan – Director at Naviporta

For our trading companies in the Best Fresh Group, it is very important that we service our UK customers at the lowest price, Quay Qonnect is a great tool to get this done.” explains Marcel van Bruggen – Manager Transport Department at ABC Logistics

Ruud Hoosemans participated on behalf of Fresh Produce Centre (GroentenFruit Huis), Marcel van Bruggen on behalf of ABC Logistics and Raoul Tan on behalf of Naviporta. Watch the full video event here:

Learn more about Quay Connect 

Quay Connect will be made available for exporters all over Europe later this year. Visit our Quay Connect page to learn everything about the solution and get in touch with us: https://naviporta.com/quay-connect/

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