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1) How does the eco-system of Naviporta work?

Naviporta’s open & neutral infrastructure underpinned by distributed ledger technology (blockchain). It enables service providers to provide and develop (new) services on the platform and propels innovation. The power of the network is that isolated eco-systems become interoperable and the value for both service providers and shippers & cargo owners grows.

2) Who are the actors on the Naviporta network?

We make a distinction between the core, which runs the network, and the actors that are using the network. The Naviporta core provides a digital and decentralized infrastructure to securely share data and digital assets on a peer-to-peer basis. The core also includes a set of tools to create new apps and services and drive innovations.

The actors on the Naviporta platform are:

Service providers & other platforms: 3d party service providers provide services on the Naviporta platform that add value for users on the platform (shippers & cargo owners) such as banks, insurance companies, LSP (Logistics Service Providers).

Existing platforms such as a pcs or customs system can integrate with Naviporta and become interoperable with other best-of-breed supply chain solutions.

Consumers: Consumers are parties who use the services and data on the network. These can be shippers, cargo owners or banks, for example. These parties have easy access to all the best-of-breed services and functionalities on the network and can share or use data and share documents with other supply chain participants or partners.

3) What makes Naviporta unique?

Our proven architecture does not store data or use it for commercial purposes and so our goal is to enable a seamless trading journey for cargo owners around the world. The combination of sharing trusted information via a distributed and neutral infrastructure that is set to scale globally through a consortium of leading port authorities, makes Naviporta a unique solution.

4) How does Naviporta ensures to remain in full control of my data?

Naviporta offers a decentralized infrastructure where users share data on a peer-to-peer basis via hash functionality and by using the digital vault.

The owner of the data itself decides with whom he shares data and is able to do this in a secure environment. The platform itself does not store this data

5) How is blockchain technology used?

To allow you to build a transparent supply chain, Naviporta makes use of a permissioned blockchain network. A blockchain is a distributed, or decentralized, ledger system for recording transactions among multiple parties in a verifiable, tamperproof way. This enables parties to transact privately and securely with one another without a central intermediary. It also protects their business operations against malicious actors while supporting better performance. Naviporta uses blockchain to tackle needs that current technologies and methods cannot address, such as:

  1. Enhancing transparency and traceability
  2. Increasing efficiency and speed as well as reducing disruptions
  3. Improving contracting, international transactions and financing

6) How does Naviporta provides interoperability

Naviporta operates on the principle of “connect once, use many”. Not only does it give you access to multiple services and data sources without painful integrations, but it also allows sharing of data and assets between different services. Most digital solutions will be interoperable. We aim to simplify the technical integration by using standardised API calls.

7) I want to develop services on top of Naviporta

Naviporta will provide several System Development Kits (SDK) that allows your application to interact with the various building blocks that make up the Naviporta Core, such as the identity module and our blockchain network.

8. How can I be notified with the latest updates about Naviporta?

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