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Connecting port communities with technology providers to provide seamless connectivity between the financial, physical and information flows of your supply chain

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Seamless flow of goods, information, and finances

Shippers & cargo owners are constantly confronted with limitations in the interoperability of systems, resulting in inefficient, paper-heavy, opaque and risky manual processes. Naviporta aims to solve this problem by connecting the best-of-breed solutions in the market in a single platform and hereby reduce waste in terms of time, money, manpower and emissions.

As a service provider, you benefit from:

  • Integrating with complementary services to offer enhanced services to users
  • The opportunity to have access to governmental data connectivity (such as regulatory bodies and ports)
  • Expand your reach through our network of connected ports. Easy access new port communities and users.

Why work with Naviporta?

Neutrality is in our core

Naviporta enables unprecedented levels of data sharing over multiple platforms, whilst remaining in full control of your data.

• Your data is not the business model, thus will not be monetized

• Scaling its reach through a global consortium of leading port authorities

Connect once, connect to many

Naviporta's interoperability ensures that shippers, cargo owners and other parties in the supply chain save time and costs by using a single, user-friendly platform that is built up out of various services.

• Connecting individual solutions to create more value. For example: Trade Finance, Digital Notary, IoT, Insurance, eBL, eCMR etc.

Secure & decentralised

• Share data and documents in a secure, trusted, peer-to-peer and decentralised manner.

• Visibility of transaction records and documents is tightly controlled, with sharing only permitted among entrusted and allowed parties.

• Blockchain technology ensures integrity, ownership and verified origin of the data and documents, as if there was a notary present at any transaction.

Optimise your physical & financial supply chain

Optimise your physical & financial supply chain by means of a more transparent, efficient, predictable and secure exchange of trusted information

• Save 27 euros of handling cost per container shipment

• A paperless supply-chain will save you 2,5% in costs on the total value of the goods you ship

How Naviporta enables shippers & forwarders to optimize their business

An open and neutral platform to make the flow of goods, information, and finances more efficient.

Naviporta makes exchanging assets and information possible in a digitally trusted and secure way:

  • Seamless flow of goods: Gain real-time and end-to-end visibility on your containers.
  • Seamless flow of information: Companies and authorities involved have real-time access to the correct, validated information.
  • Improving trust and efficiency: Immutably record what has been done by whom via the digital notary. And notarise shipping documents like eCMR, bill-of-lading or letter of credit.

Visibility of transaction records and documents is tightly controlled by blockchain, permitting sharing only among entrusted and authorised parties.

Naviporta platform track container shipment Naviporta platform track shipment

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What people are saying about Naviporta

With the use of Naviporta, Hoogwegt expects to optimize their supply-chain by allowing operational excellence throughout the handling of containerized cargo between the Netherlands and Asia.

Staszek Chlapowski

Director of Operations at Hoogwegt Group

With Naviporta’s Quay Connect solution, all available data is collected in an unambiguous, accessible manner and shared with all parties involved, including customs and inspection authorities. This makes the entire supply chain more resilient and substantial savings can be achieved.

Daco Sol

Logistics, Supervision & Supply Chain at Fresh Produce Centre

The whole supply chain benefits

Naviporta connects trading partners (shippers & cargo owners), service providers, regulators, ports, insurance companies and financial institutions, enabling them to share data and digital assets, market their services and develop new apps.

We focus on the interoperability between stand alone (existing) digital solutions by combing them and offer great value for shippers & cargo owners. 

I want to optimise my supply chain (shippers & cargo owners)

Naviporta is designed for shippers & cargo owners wanting a frictionless and paperless handling of their goods across the supply chain.

• Reduce shipping costs by a fast, easy and predictable supply chain

• Share data and documents in a digitally secure, trusted and decentralised way.

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I offer solutions to optimize supply chains (service providers)

What if you could have hundreds of potential users of your service just one click away?

  • Integrate/combine your solutions with other producers and offer additional services to clients.
  • Use our infrastructure to create interoperability with other technologies, platforms, producers and consumers
  • Expand your reach as a service provider

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I’m a port authority/government organisation

Make your port the most efficient, safe and predictable trade lane and let your port community benefit from it

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Meet the Naviporta team

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Blockchain Engineer
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Marlow Lieshout
Blockchain Developer
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Mikhail Larchanka
Lead Front-end
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Business Manager
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