Quay Connect

Your solution for automated customs clearance into the United Kingdom.
Quay Connect blockchain

Exporting to the United Kingdom?

Save €40,- per customs clearance

Does the administrative burden of export to the UK weigh down your export business? Then we have the remedy for you: Quay Connect

Quay Connect is a digital solution that serves as common frame of reference for all relevant parties where documents and digital assets regarding the shipment can be made available to relevant parties, such as authorities and b2b partners if and when required. Hereby, all supply chain participants have real-time access to the right information at the right time and receive notifications regarding milestones of the shipment or when document actions are required. This seamless flow of documents and information makes the processing of goods faster and more efficient.

Save time and Improve predictability

With the right and efficient handling of data, processes run smoothly, fewer manual actions are needed, and the risk of errors and delays is minimized.

Secure environment

Share data and documents in a secure, trusted and peer-to-peer manner. By enabling interoperability, participants and authorities have real-time access to correct and validated information.

Fully digitalized and automated customs clearance

Direct integration with regulatory bodies (HMRC, PCS's etc.) resulting in a worry free and seamless flow of information regarding all customs formalities.

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