Quay Connect – fully automated custom clearance into the UK.

Does the administrative burden of export to the UK weigh down your export business? Then we have the remedy for you: Quay Connect!

Quay Connect – a proven solution that connects individual business systems with the required governmental and regulatory bodies into one automated, accurate workflow. Together with Fresh Produce Centre, ABC Logistics, Portbase and Azarc, a pilot has been successfully conducted that proved that through automation, existing trade inefficiencies between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom can be successfully addressed. The platform provides a seamless interaction between the system of the exporting company and the governmental authorities in the UK, which enables secure verification of information. The upshot? Cross-border trade is handled more efficiently and “trust-by-design” supply chains.

Seamless flow of documentation

Daco Sol, Programme Manager Logistics, Supervision & Supply Chain at Fresh Produce Centre explains: ‘’Speed has always been an important factor in our sector and end customers still expect the fast delivery they are accustomed to. This puts enormous pressure on customs clearance processes for exporting companies’’. He continues, ‘’what’s interesting about Quay connect is that this integrated solution not only enables the digital sharing of certain documents, but it includes the entire documentation flow, so that companies can get maximum value from it. The aim is to have this flow run seamless so that additional activities or checks at the border can be reduced or are even no longer necessary.’’ – Says Sol.

Digital and automated customs clearance to the United Kingdom

Raoul Tan, Director at Naviporta, adds: “Our proven solution enables exporters to the UK to save time and costs by providing fully digital and automated customs clearance. Due to our direct integration with the UK authorities, authorised parties have real-time insight into the right information at the right time. Shorter processing times and greater reliability ensure that goods enter the UK faster and at lower cost. Our aim is ultimately to eliminate any waste in the logistics chain via greater transparency and predictability, thus promoting seamless trade.” 

The first goods are currently being transported to the UK and the results look promising. Within 2 weeks, the first results will be visible and after that, Quay Connect will be made available for exporters all over Europe. Visit our Quay Connect page to learn everything about the solution and get in touch with us: https://naviporta.com/quay-connect/