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We focus on the interoperability between stand alone digital solutions by combing them and offer greater value for shippers & cargo owners. 

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What if you could have hundreds of potential users of your service in just one click away?

Naviporta is based on a ‘connect once, connect to many’ principle and makes the integration with other platforms and technologies seamless. Customers benefit from this interoperability with other platforms and your solution will reach more (potential) clients.

Reap the benefits as a service provider:

  • Neutral platform with best-of-breed solutions and no monetization of your data
  • Combine your solutions with other service providers and offer additional services to clients (1+1=3 scenario)
  • Use our infrastructure to create interoperability with other technologies, platforms and consumers
  • Additional market channel; expand your reach as a service provider
  • All global platforms can be integrated and automatically connected (lower costs, higher margin)

Easy integration

We aim to simplify the technical integration by using standardised API calls. Based on our open architecture, most digital solutions will be interoperable and easy to implement. After connecting, you can let the platform growth effect work for you: consumers attract producers, producers attract consumers.

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