Data driven fresh produce supply chains - blockchain

Data driven fresh produce supply chains

‘The world is digitalising rapidly, opening up numerous of new possibilities and advantages’. Especially in the agrofood sector, where fresh products are traded and speed is essen-tial. Data is available abundantly. So are smart solutions for sharing that data and optimising processes. Practice proves that – with the right tools (e.g. underpinned by blockchain technology) and the right attitude – gains can be achieved by all chain partners.

Raoul Tan, Director of Naviporta has been interviewed by Port of Rotterdam about the Quay Connect solution that enables exporters to the UK to save time and costs.

Saving time and money

“A good example is Quay Connect,” explains Raoul Tan, Director at Naviporta. “Quay Connect is a solution that enables exporters to the UK to save time and costs by providing fully digital and automated customs clearance. By allowing (customs) systems to communicate with each other (interoperability) and the use of blockchain, the companies and authorities involved have real-time access to the correct, validated information. This makes the processing of goods faster and more efficient.”

With the UK being one of Europe’s major trading partners and around 40 million tonnes of freight crossing the Channel from the Netherlands every year, efficient handling of goods is crucial. Together with ABC Logistics and Fresh Produce Centre, the savings and value of Quay Connect for all parties and agencies involved is currently being determined. The fully digitalised and auto-mated customs handling results in a seamless flow of goods and information. “The first results are promising. We can see that it works,” says Tan. “Manual operations are redundant and proces-sing at the border runs more smoothly and efficiently. Shorter processing times and greater reliability ensure that goods enter the UK faster and at lower cost. Our aim is ultimately to eliminate any waste in the logistics chain via greater transparency and predictability, thus promoting trade.” Naviporta’s Quay Connect solution will be fully operational and available for all interested parties after the summer.

The full whitepaper of Port of Rotterdam can be found here

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